Hi Im Tomtomvader298 The Owner Of Giveaway Bot This Will Be A Short Biograpy Of Me

  • Real Life Name: [Redacted] Known Online As Tomtom
  • Age: 22 (05/1999)

The Start Of My Adventure

Around 2017 I Got Into Coding And Scripts (I Was Terrible Back Then) I Started Following Tutuorials In 2019 And I Slowly Was Getting Better
I Was Like One Day "I Should Try And Make A Discord Bot" A Few Tutorials Later I Made A Bot That Would Respond To Keywords Wasn't The Best Of Things But It Was A Start

Durning That Processes Of Making That Bot I Stopped The Development As I Was Unable To Notice What I Did Wrong, Fast Forward April 2020 I Began Watching Tutuorials For Making A Giveaway Bot God That Was The Best Thing I've Done I Admit Its Still A Pain Of Making The Files Work Everynow And Then

Why Did I Choose Giveaway Bot?

I Choose To Do A Giveaway Bot As The Tutorial I Followed Was Simple, I Have Been Able To Maintain Him To Stay As Upto Date As Possible!

Durning The Processes Of Making Him I Alsways Asked For Help From Others If I Couldnt Get Any of The Commands To Work
Never Go in Alone You Dont Have To BE Afraid To Ask For Help

How Do I Cope If The Bot Breaks?

Panic Ofc, Its A Natural Reaction If Something Breaks And You Dunno How To Repair It, But I FIght Through And Repair What breaks, Sometimes Its Just A Small Problems Other Times Its Major!

Where Do I Come From?

I Come From A Small Village In The United kingdom!

What Are My Hobbies?

  • Discord Bot Development
  • HTML Web Dev (On And Off)
  • Gaming
  • Being Peir Support (Hobbie?)

Strengths And Weaknesses?

  • (S) Being Able To Listen To Peoples Troubles And Help Them!
  • (W) Not Being Organized
  • (S) Friendly
  • (W) Spelling Lol